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STF Motori (LaVache-STF TauroJet inside)


The STF Motori is a car company founded in 1965 in Italy. Our Headquarters are in Cosenza, Calabria. Our Assembly Plants are in Cosenza (Calabria), Rossano (Calabria), Melfi (Basilicata) and Bari (Puglia). We have a Design and Bodywork production department, in Cosenza.


STF Pagoda 1985: a sport budget coupé with a 1.8 liter turbo engine, called Turbo Iniezione 16V 200, with 196 HP@ 5500rpm.


STF Invisicar: Design and colour were made for a possible use by the FBI or others special departments. The engine was a V12 3.2 liter 48 valve, with 329 HP.

Lavache-STF TauroJet Concept 1996: Designed by the STF Design and Bodywork production department, the TauroJet is the winner of the 1996 WABHUBAC challenge
Name of Car Company: STF
Owner of company: dspgt
Website or Forum thread: ... ompany/326
Established: 17th April 1965
Company ID: #1965174