Post Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:56 am

Re: Render for a T Shirt

Daffyflyer wrote:We might, but its almost impossible to get them printed cheaply, ours were like $20 each..

For fun and giggles I took a look at the website of the place where we get shirts printed (I am a printer/bookbinder by trade) and for a decent print on a single shirt (what converts to AU$20) seems a reasonable price.
I can make you a far more interesting offer than that though, but it depends on the volume of the run and some other printing-technical details. Though shipping it to the other side of the globe would probably ruin whatever cost advantage I can get you through my contacts at work.

If you guys would like and there's a decent amount of interest for shirts, I'm willing to have a talk with my colleague from sales to see what can be done about the price. Looking at the image I'd say a 2 or maybe 3 colour silk-screen-print (no need to pay for full-colour on an image that doesn't require it) can be done for something like 10-13 euro (ex tax and shipping) per shirt. In which case it'd include a black shirt of decent weight, automation logo on the chest (10x10 cm) and the image on the back (35x35cm). The shirt being a one-size-fits-all european XXL, smaller shirts are marginally cheaper, but having different sizes mixed is less economical.
Though you'd be hard pressed to make a profit on selling them if your run is less than say 150-200 shirts.

/end of shameless plug