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Best Automation Quotes



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Post Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:10 am

Re: Best Automation Quotes

[23:59] <Leo9613> koolkei, simple explanation would be
[23:59] <Leo9613> shit moves, to stop shit moving, must apply a force
[23:59] <Leo9613> if forces don't cancel out, shit moves
[00:00] <Leo9613> so if a piston creates a force and there isn't a counter force, the whole engine moves
[00:00] <Leo9613> primary vibrations come from that
[00:00] <koolkei> you just decribed inertia
[00:00] <Leo9613> secondary ones are the reflex of that
[00:01] <koolkei> or momentum
[00:01] <Leo9613> I described newtons 2nd law
[00:01] <Leo9613> which is what this is all about
[00:01] <koolkei> oh right
[00:01] <MicrowaveMobile> For every force there is an equal and opposite reaction?
[00:01] <koolkei> ah foung the video
[00:01] <koolkei> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdHQ8aTfiQQ
[00:01] <MicrowaveMobile> I feel smart suddenly
[00:01] <Leo9613> that's the 3rd law, brad
[00:01] <MicrowaveMobile> DAMNIT
[00:01] <MicrowaveMobile> Smartness fone
[00:01] <MicrowaveMobile> Gone


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Re: Best Automation Quotes

TrackpadUser> I almost feel like I am part of a boy band or something, considering the bunch of complete gibberish comments I had lately.
<Lordred> Max is a sexy guy (no homo)
<titleguy1> I've never seen Max's face.
<TrackpadUser> You haven't even seen my face :P
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3-Star Beta Tester

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Re: Best Automation Quotes

Who said anything about being sexy because of your face? ;)


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Re: Best Automation Quotes

Me and cpufreak were talking about windows betas.

[16:18] <Microwave> http://i.imgur.com/BfwN9dP.png guess the car
[16:18] <@Pyrlix> Stop plz.
[16:18] <@Pyrlix> http://image.prntscr.com/image/43260adbf52a496e8118bb028a69fc73.png guess how safe for work that is
[16:18] <cpufreak101> well windows longhorn was shitting itself then it fixed itself, odd
[16:19] <@Pyrlix> Longhorn? i'm out, gnite.
[16:19] == Pyrlix has changed nick to Pyrlix_away
[16:20] <nerd> cpufreak
[16:20] <nerd> it's a fucking beta
[16:20] <cpufreak101> i know
[16:20] <nerd> it will be unstable AF
[16:21] <cpufreak101> i know, especially considering it's build 4093
[16:21] <nerd> oh god
[16:21] <nerd> 4093 was one of the worst
[16:22] <nerd> where'd you get the copy?
[16:22] <cpufreak101> it's actually been holding up quite well, the shitting itself appears to have been caused by trying to play music in longhorn while the host machine has high CPU usage (i'm in a VM)
[16:22] == Kilonum [Kilonum@B7FBFA:59C912:648287:3A4AE1:IP] has joined #automationgame
[16:22] <cpufreak101> and the copy, had it laying around on my HDD
[16:23] <nerd> ahh
[16:23] <nerd> thought you downloaded it
[16:23] <cpufreak101> yeah, besides that quirk i have no real issues with it, i mean i'm able to use it to browse the forums lol
[16:23] <cpufreak101> and well i would've had to DL it at one point in time lol
[16:24] <nerd> mmm
[16:24] <Apexseals> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q0x0MzvG7Y
[16:24] <Apexseals> that 26B roar
[16:25] <nerd> honestly I don't like it when people try to use windows betas for daily use
[16:26] <cpufreak101> mind i ask why? because i mean i'm using a VM just to see if it's even possible
[16:26] <nerd> Firstly
[16:27] <nerd> I believe windows betas are more a piece of computing history than something to use on a daily basis
[16:27] <nerd> Ones that are 'stable' are really unstable in comparision to something like windows 7
[16:28] <cpufreak101> true
[16:28] <nerd> third, you have to often give up unique features to get any software designed for a release windows version to work
[16:28] <cpufreak101> though so far every error i threw at longhorn so far it handled it without any trouble
[16:28] <nerd> like you have to disable watercolor to get firefox to work on windows whistler 2410-2419 builds
[16:28] <cpufreak101> and yeah, that's true
[16:29] <cpufreak101> i usually just use opera 9.64, does everything i need it to along with having maximum compatibility
[16:29] <nerd> and finally
[16:29] <nerd> those who complain when (insert beta windows build here) won't start up on their system or those who look for drivers for it
[16:31] <cpufreak101> yeah, they annoy everyone, though in my case XP drivers worked no problem, the installler kept looking for the I386 Folder
[16:31] <Microwave> You killed Pyrlix_away
[16:31] <Microwave> congrats
[16:31] <cpufreak101> fix was to tell it to search system32 instead, and the drivers are working perfectly fine
[16:31] <nerd> also
[16:31] <nerd> those who beg for an unleaked build to be leaked
[16:32] <cpufreak101> yeah, those are the worst, because they are either idiots or trolls
[16:33] <nerd> do you happen to have a betaarchive account?
[16:33] <cpufreak101> no, i don't sadly, i probably should create one tho, right?
[16:33] <nerd> Well, it depends
[16:34] <nerd> you need to contribute something they don't have (very unlikely) or not have ftp access
[16:34] <nerd> although I joined in feb 2014
[16:35] <nerd> when the older rule was in place, where you needed at least 10 quality posts to qualify for ftp access
[16:35] <cpufreak101> well what's good about the FTP access?
[16:35] <nerd> You get access to a HUGE library of abandonware and betas
[16:35] <nerd> nothing past 2006 for abandonware
[16:36] <nerd> anyway,
[16:36] <cpufreak101> ah
[16:36] <nerd> that 26b sound is pure heaven
[16:37] <cpufreak101> i can imagine
[16:37] <cpufreak101> ever hear of windows 99?
[16:37] <nerd> fake
[16:37] <nerd> closest thing is 98se
[16:37] <cpufreak101> i know, but i'm asking if you know the story of the original
[16:38] <nerd> what?
[16:38] <cpufreak101> because there was a windows 99 out there at one point, though it was a hacked edition of a 98SE beta to not require a product key
[16:38] <nerd> ahh
[16:39] <nerd> piracy is banned tho
[16:39] <cpufreak101> i know, though it could fall under abandonware since, well, 1999
[16:40] <nerd> IMHO abandonware is a word to make pirates feel less guilty
[16:40] <nerd> about pirating old-ass shit
[16:40] <cpufreak101> idk, it's a legally recognized term
[16:40] <nerd> de-facto yes
[16:40] <nerd> de-jure no
[16:41] <cpufreak101> ok
[16:41] <cpufreak101> well then besides that all i have is office 97 and 2000
[16:41] <cpufreak101> and not even a beta
[16:41] <cpufreak101> just full on office 97 and 2000
[16:42] <nerd> I got an idea
[16:42] <cpufreak101> what?
[16:42] <nerd> find a pc copy of nfs underground 2 on amazon or something
[16:42] <nerd> and upload it
[16:43] <cpufreak101> umm... ok
[16:43] <nerd> just rip it into an ISO file
[16:43] <nerd> as cleanly as possible
[16:43] <nerd> so no hacks
[16:44] <cpufreak101> ok
[16:44] <nerd> might work
[16:44] <cpufreak101> also quick question, does doom version 6.66 ring any bells
[16:46] <nerd> yes
[16:46] <nerd> because
[16:46] <nerd> doom versions only went to 1.9
[16:47] <nerd> unless you are talking about 1.666
[16:47] <cpufreak101> yeah, i think it was 1.666 or something like that, all i remember is there were 3 sixes
[16:48] <nerd> hmm
[16:50] <cpufreak101> yeah, i'm asking because i found a disk labeled "doom version 1.2 to 1.666 update" in a recycling center once, i think we were able to get a .IMG of it, tho i think my friend (who now refuses to talk to me) has it
[16:51] <nerd> the hell did you do to him?
[16:51] <nerd> did you beat him to a pulp with a baton?
[16:52] <cpufreak101> no, he just blocked me on facebook one day and refused to speak to me since, doesn't even tell me why he hates me
[16:52] <nerd> weird
[16:52] <cpufreak101> and i did just purge my disk images folder, i do not have the image
[16:52] <nerd> probably available on the interne
[16:53] <cpufreak101> guess he still has it, probably thrown back out
[16:54] <cpufreak101> and true, it does appear to be online
[16:54] <nerd> so
[16:54] <cpufreak101> guess the only leaked beta software i have anything of is windows 10 beta builds
[16:55] <nerd> which ones?
[16:56] <cpufreak101> idk, i don't remember the official builds from the leaked ones
[16:56] <nerd> official ones are
[16:56] <cpufreak101> all i know is i found them all online
[16:56] <nerd> 9841, 9862, 9879
[16:56] <nerd> 9926, 10036, 10041
[16:56] == Microwave [Bradley@4EB080.B7DC1.C28CF4.C832A3.IP] has quit [Ping timeout]
[16:57] <nerd> actually
[16:57] <nerd> 10036 was a leaked one
[16:57] <cpufreak101> ok
[16:57] <nerd> 10049
[16:57] <nerd> 10061
[16:57] <cpufreak101> i just purged my stack of CD's, i seem to have lost the disk :P
[16:57] <nerd> 10074, 10122, 10130, 10158, 10159, 10162, 10166
[16:58] <cpufreak101> well i have 10047, that wasn't official, right?
[16:59] == HashiriyaR32 [wrxdrifter@AN-2D6474C6.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #automationgame
[16:59] == HashiriyaR32 [wrxdrifter@AN-2D6474C6.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has quit [Registered]
[16:59] == HashiriyaR32 [wrxdrifter@hashiriyar32.Users.AfterNET.Org] has joined #automationgame
[16:59] <+adam_d> see, i probably should have kept some of the win10 betas
[16:59] <+adam_d> but i got bored of windows betas after longhorn
[17:00] <cpufreak101> lol, only reason i have them is A: i make an ISO of every disk i get and B: i burned all the beta's to DVD
[17:00] <cpufreak101> or all the beta's i DL'd that is
[17:01] <+adam_d> i maybe have one or two on hard drives somewhere
[17:01] <cpufreak101> and i have like 100+ gigabytes of disk images lol, let me check the exact size
[17:03] <cpufreak101> 149 gigabytes of disk images, wow
[17:03] <+adam_d> i tend to try and keep installers for most things, so ive got tons of old installers dotted across a few machines and hard drives
[17:03] <+adam_d> couldnt tell you the sizes
[17:05] <cpufreak101> lo
[17:05] <cpufreak101> lol
[17:05] <cpufreak101> yeah, i just kinda condensed everything onto a 2Tb hard drive
[17:07] <cpufreak101> and my stepbrother's alarm clock is acting weird, it's been ringing for a half second every 10 seconds
[17:08] <cpufreak101> plus i'm off to dinner now, so ttyl people
[17:12] == cpufreak101 [_@AN-9F501C3B.buffalo.res.rr.com] has quit [Ping timeout]
[17:15] <+adam_d> im also off, goodnight
[17:15] == adam_d [adam_d@toyotahilux.Users.AfterNET.Org] has quit [Quit: Goodbye]
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