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Why DLCs before game is even released fully?



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Post Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:37 am

Re: Why DLCs before game is even released fully?

Daffyflyer wrote:
"Why DLCs before game is even released fully?"

Well, no, there won't be DLCs before the game is even released fully, we've never said we're going to release any kind of DLC before the game is finished.

Basically what we're saying about things like Rotaries, is "They are not something we've ever planned to include in the main game, and they're not something we think would be worth the huge amount of work to add, compared to other more important features. So if we WERE to add them, it would be after the game is entirely completed, and it would be as DLC to pay for the sizeable development time they'd take"

I'd say we'll most likely follow the Paradox Interactive sort of theory, of after release continuing to add a bunch of free updates, but also releasing DLC for other features so we can afford to keep making Automation stuff.



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Post Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:43 am

Re: Why DLCs before game is even released fully?

Desick wrote:Have they explicitly promised that they will release all future DLCs as free? If not, then I will throw my tantrums and fight this until the bitter end. I do not support the DLC model. It is corrupt and enables developers to be lazy.

In terms of major and complex features that were never planned to be in the game (e.g rotaries) we basically have three options.

1. Don't make rotaries (this would be the default plan)
2. Make rotaries, and hope that the huge amount of cost is covered by people buying the game because it has rotaries who otherwise would not have bought it. (likely a dangerous bet for the company)
3. Once the game is finished, make rotaries as DLC to cover the development costs. (probably the best way to make rotaries happen)

It's not lazy, it's just the realities of game development. It costs multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to run even a tiny game development studio. Our employees need to be paid.
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Post Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:13 am

Re: Why DLCs before game is even released fully?

One thing I need to clarify: V16s are an early supporter preorder bonus that needs to be made into DLC to work out the logistics of it. We promised that over 4 years ago and stick to that promise. People who have not bought into this premium version (which cost $10 more) early on will not get V16s for free and will be able to buy them after launch. While "on disc DLC" is not something we like, this is a consequence of running an early crowdfunding campaign which made the game possible in the first place.


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Post Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:28 pm

Re: Why DLCs before game is even released fully?

A developer cannot promise everything and especially not for free. In the 90s when games had to be finished at some point :) extra features were sold as expansion disks and today there are DLCs.
The way I understand it, camshaft could have said: no flat engines, no diesels etc. The other option is DLC after the game is finished, which is the normal practice.
V16 and other stuff as DLC is fine with me too. I was already wondering how I would get them because I did not become a premium user.
P.S. It's impossible to miss that V16 was promised as a bonus item and it's written everywhere all over the store, so this is really not the same as day one DLC. Giving it away for free would be a real kick in the groin for those people. I am rather surprised that they put up with waiting so long.


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Post Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:08 am

Re: Why DLCs before game is even released fully?

To be fair the only thing that imo are missing are diesels. Other than the other options are cool but not worth it.
If they are doing an expansion (let's not use the word DLC since some publisher gave it a bad name) with wankels, hybrids or electrics, I would understand it.
Think about the wankels: in the campaign that would be an option you would barely use and if uou decide to, it would be something you would use from the 60s till the 2010s in a company really focused into that, not something you would use in all your gameplays like Inline 4s or similar common layouts.



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Post Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:29 am

Re: Why DLCs before game is even released fully?

Just to throw my two cents into the thread I'd like to say that I realize that electric, wankles, and diesels(admittedly diesels would be really nice to have) aren't really worth the effort of having in the base game I would prefer a sequel with some extra tweaks to DLCs. with DLCs I rarely get motivated enough to get back into the game because normally they only add minor things and very rarely things that completely change the game, when they do completely change the game they could end up making it harder to play the original versions of the game, but with a sequel it would be fine to make significant changes to the core gameplay. just out of curiosity what are the expected prices for each DLC?


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Post Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:44 am

Re: Why DLCs before game is even released fully?

I would not hate DLC as long as it's "DOWNLOADABLE content" rather than "DOWNLOADED(but locked) content.
There are many games that content all the data it needed for all it's DLC, but just locked some of them that your have to pay to unlock. What a waste of Hard drive!

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