Post Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:44 pm

Sunday Update

What have we done this week....

Not much, have nothing to show, but...

As Daffyflyer has stated, he is in the process of moving to Melbourne, so we will be in the same city, and hopefully the same suburb (there was almost a chance of the same building). He is tied up with that, but has been doing some initial work on what the main screen will look like, and also to get a change of pace of modelling engine parts. Nothing of good enough quality to show yet though.

Myself, after the mega long weekend, and previous week of work on the engine designer (August 2nd-8th) have taken a little break, that and we (myself and Nortala) had people visiting. This weekend we were attending the Freeplay Independent Games Festival, which was fantastic. There was a lot of good talks, and has put my mind at rest on a few things I was concerned about. Such as a UI design tool. So a loss of a weekend will be easily made up by the stuff I have learned.

While Daffyflyer is packing boxes, I am going to be fixing up niggling issues with the engine designer, getting it ready for the final art push to get it released. Once Daffy is in Melbourne and settled we can look at having a release date for the Engine Designer demo and getting your feedback.

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