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Monday Update

It was a long weekend here in Australia, and I must admit that I did not do all that much work on Automation. Getting a little burnt out from the work, but hopefully will get back on track this coming week.

Anyway, below is the first screen shot I am kinda happy to release. This is still very much work in progress. It shows our Engine Designer which has been the topic of the recent updates. Engines are now being modeled in a simple form as an air pump (as that is what they literally are). To produce Torque and power curves. Engines with poor exhaust and intakes will be suffocated at higher revs, this can be seen in the graph below. There is still a lot of tweaking of the values so don't attack us over that graph!

The learning experience from LUA has been fantastic, and I very pleased with the development flow it allows. I am probably over time going to move more of the game code across to LUA, it just allows for a lot more flexibility compared to C/C++.

We are moving towards having this Engine Designer released as a standalone demo. The target for this is the end of this Month, but there are no guarantees.

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