Post Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:58 pm

Sunday Update

So last weekend, I got a cold and a loss of power to my apartment. So it was basically a write off, as well as most of the week. Trying to program while your head is all fuzzy and blocked from the cold doesn't work to well.

This weekend I have mostly been trying to stave off insanity as I program GUI components for the new engine we are using. Apart from being totally boring to write, it will give us the look that we want.

This week we will be hitting our 4th iteration of the engine design mechanics, so far everything we have tried does not give us the output or values we want for torque and power curves from the input components.

This latest iteration will be modeling the engine as a simplified air pump, as that is truly what engines are. Poor exhausts and intake systems will hamper air flow into and out of the pump, and therefore hamper torque and power.

We are aiming to have something special done for you guys by the end of this month (June), but no promises yet! A lot of work has to be done.

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