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Sunday Update

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 12:42 am
by zeussy

So what have we been doing?

Well, I have had the mother in-law (well practically) down for a week, so for me, not much.

The basics of Research and worlds part market is mostly working. You can design a car from those parts, but cannot manufacture it yet, but that should be then a nights work. A lot of the manufacturing stuff is done, just needs to be updated to look at production parts (i.e from the parts market) rather than at the raw researched part.

From there its then getting the cars to sell, rather than just sitting in the lot (as they currently do). A lot of that

Visual C++ 2008 decided to fight me, and produce an unfixable bug while trying to compile a project (It's a known issue that has never been fixed). So have upgraded to Visual C++ 2010, and fought with that for a while as the build systems have changed. It's actually quite nice once you get there. :)

Daffy has been doing some art, if he has some nice renders, I'll let him have the honour of posting them up.

Onwards and upwards, however slowly sometimes it can be.

Re: Sunday Update

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 1:50 am
by fordford
sounds like it's coming along nicely.
can't wait to see any new renders that are available. :D