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Re: Windows 10: Audio Bug

joshart wrote:
Chalk wrote:Hi,

I'm new to the forum, but I experienced a similar issue. My audio would start to lag and then get stuck playing as if the computer were overloaded, skipping, droning, becoming tinny, and playing slower.

I'd recently upgraded to windows 10 from either 8 or 8.1, I'm not sure. My Realtek HD Audio drivers had not updated. After some fiddling I got them through lenovo's support (I'm on an ideapad y500) and the audio issue resolved. So it might be worth looking into whether you have proper windows 10 audio drivers or not. Worth noting though that my drivers might not have been meant for windows 8 to start with since it took a lot of messing to find any that worked at all for my speakers.

Same problem here. Win 10 and fresh Realtek audio drivers. Any help will be appreciated!

you try running in compatibility mode like the devs reccomended?
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